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If you can dedicate time to the human at the beginning of a project it's perfect.
If not - it's never too late.
We navigate innovations and teams towards the human.
Testing Business Ideas with real People
We (re-)align your innovation teams and ideas
towards customer needs at any project stage.
Needfinding &
User Insights
Let's get them hands dirty. When is the last time you have talked to people using your product - have you actually ever. It's simple, fun and inevitable.
Synthesis & Iteration Loops
Join the funniest and fastet synthesis sessions - we don't leave when clusters are showing, we enable you to iterate insights back into your product.
Product Discovery
You can easily get stuck in the build trap. Let's start tracking user behavior and insights. Real experiments boost your teams discovery
gene into user addiction.
Why work with us
Start-Up speed, redesigned to your companies pace.
We have worked globally and with many industries.
Hit us with your case: we draw from working with over 100 teams and 10 yrs + of involving the user at any project stage.
We are all about people: team members, users, customers - whatever. To us they are all human beings striving to have fun.
We are not just coaching, we are hands-on. Piloting and experimenting isn't new to us. We jump in wherever needed to test your business ideas in the wild. Nothing is too crazy...
Areas of expertise
Design Thinking - Lean Startup - Everything Human.
Problem <> Solution Fit
Strategic Goal - Early ideas - Problem worth solving. We run you through the early stages of an innovation project. Low-res. prototypes allow you to experience very early user engagement (or not) and important insights.
Feeling stuck in the valley of Meeeh?
We hand-hold with a clear goal in mind: celebrating an idea burial or partying all night long with uncovered insights and unicorns.
Let's (re-)focus everybody's ressources.
Product <> Market Fit
We don't do MVP's, we enable you to get your idea out there to test it in it's real context. Focus on creating the maximum value to see if people are attracted and even willing to pay for your product. Jump the valley of Meeeh!
We juggle towards your needs: team, time, budget and clear goals.
Workshops & Sessions
Half-day, one-day, regular check-ins. Let's figure out what you want to achieve and let us navigate within your time given.
Sprint Formats
Doing sprints, just to sprint - we don't. Deep diving and super focusing towards a value based outcome is key. We support staffing your team with the skills needed so you can rock'n'roll your innovation project.
Long-term Engagements
Need a User-Person in your team: let's have a chat.
We also know people, who know people, who might be excited to join.
Feel free to write, call and meet us. We really love to communicate with people.
Growth Lab GmbH, Switzerland
Sophie's Phone: +41 79 758 74 94
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